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Red Dragonfly is a multi-brand and multi-category business fashion brand operator. It has nearly 8,000 employees in the whole group, and has nearly 3,000 main brand and sub-brand sales terminals, covering large and medium-sized cities across the country.

Red Dragonfly established the first shoe technology laboratory in China, and the first academic workstation in the footwear industry.

It developed 83 standardized shoe-making processes to ensure that every pair of shoes produced by Red Dragonfly is comfortable and durable.

Red Dragonfly's offline stores
Red Dragonfly's offline stores

History of Red Dragonfly

In 1995, Red Dragonfly was established in Wenzhou. It specializes in R&D, design, production and sales of leather shoes, leather bags and accessories.

In 2005, the “China Shoe Culture Museum” was completed in Wenzhou headquarters.

In 2007, it set up “Red Dragonfly Italian R&D Information Center” in Italy to expand the international market.

In 2008, the Red Dragonfly trademark was administratively recognized as “China Famous Trademark”. It became the only national well-known trademark in China’s footwear industry that has passed both judicial and administrative recognition.

In 2009, Red Dragonfly is the first Chinese footwear brand to enter the top mall in the United States, Westfield Mall in Los Angeles.

In 2017, the Red Dragonfly Custom Handmade Workshop was grandly opened at the Wenzhou headquarters, focusing on customizing handmade leather shoes for high-end people.

In 2018, it officially announced that Angelababy Yang Ying has become the brand ambassador of Red Dragonfly fashion shoes.

In 2019, it was rated as the top 10 in the “2019 New Consumer Brands of Women’s Shoes and Boots” released by iiMedia Ranking.

In 2020, Red Dragonfly’s new brand is upgraded, positioning business fashion leather shoes. It empowers the workplace with multiple personality expressions.


1.Diverse products

Red Dragonfly adheres to the brand concept of the perfect integration of business and fashion. It provides fashionable leather shoes for professionals of different levels in different business scenarios. There is always a suitable one for you, if you are interested in the red dragonfly shoes, you can go to Taobao to buy them.

If you know how to buy it in Taobao from China, you can order it yourself and Yoybuy freight forwarder will help you ship it to your home. If you don’t know how to buy it, Yoybuy can help you order it except for shipping it home.

2.Fashionable design

Red Dragonfly business fashion leather shoes focus on the three core business scenarios of “daily office, Business socializing, and business travel”, and are committed to providing fashionable business people with fashionable outfits for diversified business needs.

Red Dragonfly has hired an international shoe master, Mr. Rafael Yang, the former shoe design director of a luxury brand, as the shoe fashion design director. They bring customers the most cutting-edge footwear styles in the global fashion field, empowering the workplace with multiple personality expressions.

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