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Shipping From China to the USA

What is the cheapest shipping way to ship things from China to the USA?

And which one is the fastest?

Today I will introduce three shipping companies from China to the USA to you.





YunExpress is a professional cross-border e-commerce logistics service provider, providing global small parcel direct delivery services.


1. Shipping Method Coverage:

Its delivery covers 220 countries, including the European Union, the United Kingdom, the United States, Canada, and so on.

2. Wide Range of Goods:

It includes general goods and goods with batteries.

3. Dedicated Customer Service:

Its dedicated customer service team is responsive.

Customer Example

The following shows you an example of a client using YunExpress:

Product category: Clothing

Product weight: 1.305kg

Destination: Durham, NC

Drop-off time: 11 days

It can be seen that the YunExpress selected by customer A is very time-efficient, and it only takes the customer 11 days to receive the goods.

In addition, it’s also very cost-effective. The customer only spends a total of 29.81 dollars.

Yun 17 track
YunExpress 1.305


Founded in 1882, Matson Lines was the first company in history to offer trans-Pacific container liner services.


1. Fast Timeliness:

The goods you send by post will basically arrive at the port in about ten days.

2. Fixed Shipping Schedule:

The ship will be shipped at a fixed time every week. If you want to ship, you need to arrange the goods in advance.

3. Cheap Freight:

The freight of Mason Express by sea will be much lower than that of air freight, which will greatly reduce the freight cost.

Mason Express ships in two stages: It includes the first sea freight to the USA, and the last UPS delivery to the door in the USA mainland, and it is double-clear, duty paid.

It has an overall time frame of around 25-35 days and is aimed at goods such as general cargo, and internal electrical products. Branded goods, liquids, and other sensitive goods are shipped overtime.

The weight of the goods is calculated by multiplying the length by the width, and multiplying the height, then dividing it by 6000; the weight of a single box of goods is calculated from 12kg and the weight of a single ticket is calculated from 21kg. Discounts are available for shipments of 100kg or more.

Customer Example

Here are a few examples of clients using Matson:

The weight of the goods of the following customers is in the range of 12kg to 200kg, and the delivery time is around  25-35 days, but the freight is very cost-effective compared with other logistics. If the delivery is not very urgent, and there is enough time reserved, you can choose Matson.

Matson 17track
Matson 200


DHL Express has one of the most complete express networks in the world, reaching 120,000 destinations in 220 countries and territories


1. Fast Timeliness:

The most advantageous feature of DHL International Express is the super-fast timeliness. It can be signed in 2-5 working days in North America, Europe, and Australia. In Southeast Asia, it can be signed in about 1-3 days.

2. High Security:

The logistics channels of DHL International Express basically adopt the direct flight mode, including direct flights from mainland China and Hong Kong. The advantage of this is that the number of transits of the goods is less, there is no need for multiple security checks, and the loss rate is low.

3. Wide Range of Mailing:

According to the official introduction of DHL Express, the company can carry goods to more than 220 countries and regions around the world, with a wide range of mailings.

Customer Example

The following shows you an example of a customer using DHL:

Product category: Animation peripheral products

Product weight: 49.42kg

Destination: Springfield Gardens, NY

Drop-off time: 1 day

DHL is extremely time-sensitive, and it can be seen that it only takes the customer 1 day to receive the goods. If your goods are urgently needed, DHL is a very good choice. It usually takes you 3 to 6 days to receive the parcels.

DHL 17 track
DHL 49.92


If you want to know more about the shipping details of other weights, you can use the Yoybuy calculator interface below for calculation.

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DHL, Aramex, EMS and E-express may charge dimensional(volume) weight.
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Yoybuy cross-border e-commerce provides you with the most comprehensive services, including both buying services and forwarding services, and has in-depth cooperation with many logistics companies such as YunExpress, Matson and DHL. If you have forwarding needs, you can choose Yoybuy.