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Practical recommended cycling gadgets

The daily purchase of equipment is usually based on practicality and functionality. However, focusing on function does not mean that the appearance is rough but only usable. Many body types of equipment have super high value and exquisite quality while being functional and practical.

1.LEZYNE Bicycle brass bell

The bicycle bell produced by LEZYNE is made of all-brass polished material. It has round and flying saucer shapes, and the workmanship is very delicate. Whether it is daily commuting or weekend sports are very practical equipment. The base part is made of aluminum alloy, which is tied to the handlebar with a rubber band, which is very convenient for disassembly.


2.BOSKEY Undead Riding Metal Honeycomb Mudguard

Although the presence of offenders are not visible on sports cars, they are very practical equipment in daily commuting and long-distance riding. Whether it’s rain or snow, or a sprinkler in front of you, fenders have meaning. Therefore, we don’t need fenders, we just didn’t find a good-looking and harmonious fender. The fenders below are both practical and exquisite in appearance. Not only is it not cumbersome to install on the car, but it can make the car look more beautiful.


3.OMATA One mechanical pointer wireless code

Everyone has used more stopwatches, but have you ever used such stopwatches? OMATA One is a retro mechanical stopwatch. Unlike common electronic stopwatches, OMATA One uses a pointer-type three-dial design, completely breaking the traditional stopwatch. It looks like an old car. The dial is the same. Although it looks like an ancient watch, it is actually the same as the ordinary GPS computer.


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