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The most complete buying guide ever

Double Eleven is a shopping festival initiated by Tmall, an e-commerce festival dominated by Tmall, and 618 is a shopping festival initiated by JD.com, an e-commerce festival dominated by JD. So if you want to buy the products you always want to buy, you also want to To get a good price, then 618 must not be missed.

And which of the 618 products offers the most discounts, which will make you start buying? JD.com has always been well-known for its authenticity and high quality of digital products and household appliances. I believe that many netizens will be the first e-commerce platform to think of JD.com as long as they are involved in digital products and household appliances. This is also the concept of genuine quality advocated by JD.

Therefore, digital products and household appliances are the most powerful for 618 discounts. Combining JD.com’s 618 preferential household appliances and digital products, we recommend digital products and household appliances that are highly promotional and cost-effective.


The following is a catalog, so that friends can know about it, so that you can quickly find the digital products or household appliances you want to buy. Optimized and updated the directory order (6.17 update).

NO 1: Projector

NO 2: Tablet PC

NO 3: mobile phone

NO 4: headphones


NO 1: Projector

BenQ MS3081+ Projector Projector Office (P&Q SVGA 3200 Lumens Keystone Correction Day Direct)


Recommended reason: 618 current price 2099, 6.17-6.18 day limited time spike price 1799, BenQ projector as the domestic first-line brand, the first comprehensive strength, smart business explosion, the projector clarity is very good, the projection effect of the light is still excellent during the day, The keystone correction can zoom, the operation is simple and convenient, and the cost performance is good.


NO 2: Tablet PC

Huawei Tablet MatePad Pro 10.8 inch Kirin 990 video entertainment game office learning full screen tablet 6GB+128GB LTE full Netcom (Fritillary White)


Recommended reason: 618 current price 3799, 6.18 limited time spike price 3569, 6+128G flagship high-end version, the quality of Huawei tablet has always been very good, this feel is super good, Kirin 990 flagship chip with 2K full screen, running fast At the same time it also brings a shocking visual impact, high cost performance.


NO 3: mobile phone

Redmi K30 Pro 5G Pioneer Snapdragon 865 flagship processor pop-up ultra-light full screen Sony 64 million high-definition four-shot 4700mAh long battery life 33W flash charge 8GB+128GB moonlight white


Recommended reason: 618 current price 2999, limited time spike price 2699, Xiaomi 5G Pioneer flagship mobile phone, standard version 8GB+128G, the advantages of all Xiaomi mobile phones, 6.67-inch Samsung E3 material pop-up super light full screen, appearance value High performance hardware is very powerful. The Snapdragon 865 flagship processor, the rear Sony 64 million main camera, the camera and the game are all super good performance mobile phones, and the comprehensive cost performance is high.

NO 4: headphones

1MORE ANC TWS active noise reduction true wireless Bluetooth in-ear headphones Apple Huawei Xiaomi Universal Black


Recommended reason: 6.18 limited time spike price 899, Wu Qingfeng star with the same headset, 1MORE as the first-line brand comprehensive strength ranked first, the quality of the headset is very good, wireless Bluetooth 5.0 advanced technology with 2 types of noise reduction, 3 modes, in With strong noise reduction and high quality sound quality, there is no impact on any environment all day long. The same model of thousand yuan star headphones, Jingdong praised 12,000+.

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