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How to choose a mechanical keyboard in 2020

Mechanical keyboard is not a new thing, on the contrary, its history is still very early. In the early days of keyboards, there were already mechanical keyboards, and after a period of prosperity, it was only later suppressed by the membrane keyboards with good quality and low price (cheap is the key), from prosperity to loneliness. Now by 2020, more and more computer users and gamers have put forward higher requirements for the comfort, feel and quality of using computers. The mechanical keyboard is no longer just a favorite of audiophiles, but is beginning to be recognized by more and more friends who pursue quality and feel.

I hope that all friends who are interested in mechanical keyboards can quickly understand the mechanical keyboard and find a suitable mechanical keyboard for themselves.

Pennefather V500 PRO

Frosted metal cover, Pennefather’s own mechanical shaft, 60 million key life, 12 light modes, two-color injection keycap Intimate hydrophobic hole splash-proof design to protect the keyboard.

Daryou Mechanical Alloy

Two-color injection keycaps, full keys without punching, aluminum alloy metal cover, 
scomes with backlight, a variety of lighting modes are optional, with a combination of multimedia key functions.

The domestic mechanical shaft body has 60 million key life, two-color injection key cap, white backlight. 
Suspended design, metal upper cover, equipped with independent multimedia buttons.

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