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The Kingdom of Thailand, formerly known as Siam, is a constitutional monarchy in Southeast Asia, with Bangkok as its capital and largest city.


The Republic of the Union of Myanmar, commonly known as Burma, is a unitary republic located in the western part of the South Central Peninsula and is also a member of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations.


The Kingdom of Cambodia, commonly known as Cambodia, is located in the south-central peninsula of Southeast Asia, with Phnom Penh as its capital.


The Lao People’s Democratic Republic, commonly known as Laos, is a socialist country located in the south-central peninsula of Southeast Asia, with Vientiane as its capital and largest city.


The Socialist Republic of Vietnam, commonly known as Vietnam, is a socialist country located on the eastern tip of the South Central Peninsula in Southeast Asia, bordered by China to the north and Cambodia and Laos to the west, with a population of more than 96 million, ranking it 15th in the world.


The Republic of the Philippines, referred to as the Philippines, is an archipelagic country located in Southeast Asia.


The State of Japan, commonly known as Japan, is an island nation located in East Asia, consisting of 6,852 islands, including the Japanese archipelago, the Ryukyu Islands and the Izu-Ogasawara Islands, covering an area of approximately 378,000 square kilometers.

South Korea

The Republic of Korea (ROK), or South Korea for short, is a republican state located in the southern part of the Korean Peninsula in East Asia, with the capital city of Seoul.

North Korea

Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (DPRK): The current country in the northern part of the Korean Peninsula, abbreviated as “Korea”; Korea (region): The historical, geographical, political, economic, and cultural region of Korea for thousands of years. Korean Peninsula: East Asian peninsula. Korean people: ethnic group living mainly on the Korean Peninsula and in northeastern China.


Mongolia Country is abbreviated as Mongolia. It is a single-half presidential republic in East Asia, located at the intersection of the Russian Federation and the People’s Republic of China. It is a landlocked country whose capital and largest city is Ulaanbaatar.