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The Islamic Republic of Pakistan, commonly known as Pakistan, is located in South Asia and has a physical control area of 881,913 square kilometers, bordered by India to the east, the Indian Ocean to the south, Iran to the west, Afghanistan to the northwest, and Xinjiang, China to the northeast.


The Republic of India, commonly known as India, is a country located in the Indian subcontinent of South Asia, the seventh largest in the world in terms of area, and the second largest in Asia, with approximately 3.16 million square kilometers of actual territory under its control.


The People’s Republic of Bangladesh, commonly known as Bangladesh, is a South Asian country located in the eastern part of Bangladesh, north of the Bay of Bengal; a small part of the southeastern mountainous region is bordered by Myanmar, while the rest of the country is bordered by India.


The Kingdom of Bhutan, commonly known as Bhutan, or Brookpa in Qing dynasty history, is a landlocked South Asian country located on the southern slopes of the eastern Himalayas between China and India.


The Federal Democratic Republic of Nepal, commonly known as Nepal, is a landlocked country in the Himalayan region of South Asia, bordered by China to the north, India on the remaining three sides, and separated from Bangladesh by a corridor of only 27 kilometers.

East Timor

The Democratic Republic of Timor-Leste, commonly known as East Timor, is a country located on the eastern tip of the island of Timor in Southeast Asia and was one of only two Portuguese colonies in the Far East (the other being Macau).


The Republic of Indonesia, commonly known as “Indonesia” or simply “Indonesia”, is a Southeast Asian country consisting of 17,506 islands and is the largest archipelagic country in the world, spanning Asia and Oceania, known as it is the largest archipelago in the world, spanning Asia and Oceania, and is also known as the “Land of 10,000 Islands”.


The Republic of Singapore, also known as the Lion City, commonly known as Sing Tao, Sing Chau, or Singapore, is a city-state island and city-state located in Southeast Asia.


Brunei Darussalam, also known as Brunei Peace, or Brunei for short, and formerly known as Borneo, is a Southeast Asian country located on the northern coast of Borneo.


Malaysia, referred to as Malaysia, is a country located in Southeast Asia. The capital is located in Kuala Lumpur, the most densely populated and prosperous region of Malaysia, and the seat of the federal government is located in Putrajaya.