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How to find a computer that suits you 2

The previous session introduced you to the CPU, and today will introduce you to the motherboard.A motherboard (also called mainboard, main circuit board, system board, baseboard, planar board, logic board, or mobo) is the main printed circuit board (PCB) in general-purpose computers and other expandable systems.

we need to know that in Intel, if you want to have a super CPU multiplier, not only does the CPU model need to have the letter K or X, but you also need to have a motherboard that starts with Z or X, such as Z170/Z270/Z370/Z390/Z490, or X99/X299.

Intel’s motherboard

1.H410 motherboard.

This motherboard if you can match the i3 10100/i5 10400/10600KF series default full-core RWD is sufficient, you can also consider MSI’s H410m A Pro/H410m Bomber (if you do not play with lights before considering Bomber). And MSI’s H410 does a good job, the power wall design is quite high, but very much not recommended to match the i7, because the MOS tube will not be able to handle.


2.B460 series.

MSI Mortar, ASUS TUF PLUS are two classic motherboards, mortar motherboard default unlock power wall to 200W, manually unlockable to about 250W, can be paired with i7/i9 running general purpose, ASUS TUF Plus default lock power wall 65W, you need to go to the manual unlock power wall, the steps will be slightly more difficult, if you do not want to go to the BIOS to unlock the power wall recommended directly mortar, these two boards are available on the 10900 level CPU.


3.Z490 series.

MSI’s entry-level Z490 series: MSI Z490m S01/Z490 S01, in Taobao to buy about $130, you can take the i5 10600KF/10700K they go overclocked operation, if you want to buy mid-range can consider the Z490 series GAMING EDGE, general computer users use this has been able to meet daily needs.A little higher range of this is Z490 Unify/ACE.


AMD motherboard


1.B450 motherboard.

B450 motherboards are still available.Generally more recommended B550 motherboard,although the price is more expensive, both CPU overclocking and memory overclocking, unless it is necessary to control the budget.


2.B550 motherboard.

Power supply compared to the B450 significantly enhanced, PCH also upgraded from PCIe2.0 to PCIe3.0, but the price has also increased , is considered the manufacturer’s default support for PCIe4.0 B series motherboards.

B550 GAMING EDGE grade than Mortar’s a little higher, if you want to play overclocking often, B550 GAMING EDGE is very suitable for consideration, X570 GAMING EDGE is not as good as the B550 GAMING EDGE, and must pay attention not to buy the wrong GAMING EDGE model! The average person using this motherboard has been completely adequate.

B550 GAMING EDGE grade further up, is the B550Unify, which is considered a very strong AM4 motherboard.


Next week will be recommended radiators, remember to follow us !

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