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Get the Transformers, Save the World

Among the surrounding hand-made models of Transformers, the siege series obviously has a high reputation. There is indeed a certain reason for such a high popularity. The super play ability can be called no one before and no one comes. After you have finished one, you want to enter the next. One after another, can’t you stop? Today, YOYBUY brought you several Transformers siege series shocks. Looking at the appearance, we can also guess that the shock is a Transformer warrior belonging to the Deception. As a component of the Iron Dragon turret, it is true It’s not too eye-catching, but after playing with it, I found that this handle contains extraordinary fun. First of all, the look and feel of the robot form is very good.


Optimus Prime & Bumblebee


Optimus Prime Kids Toys


Optimus Prime Car Robot


Leopard Transformers


Mini-agent King Kong


Black Mamba Transformer

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