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Genshin favorite picks

Genshin  is a very popular open world adventure game this year. It won the [Best Game of the Year] and other awards in Google Play’s Game of the Year poll. Many gamers really like this game with beautiful graphics and excellent gaming experience. From this merchants have launched accessories and dolls related to the game.

Here are some popular items for you!

1.Genshin Keri spark Knight ver 17 static operation

125$     https://bit.ly/3vkXnvm

2.Parmon doll proto God theme series doll

18.02$    https://bit.ly/3grk2BY

3. Bouncing bomb Mug Keli cup

$14.71      https://bit.ly/3gpZJVo

4.Genshin mouse pad

$9.92      https://bit.ly/3vr8JOn

5.Genshin doll toy

$11.24    https://bit.ly/3gol1mh


6.Pemon food theme blind box

$58.51    https://bit.ly/3pSUtNa

7.Genshin key chain accessories

$5.62      https://bit.ly/3pUsGMs


8.Cotton slippers

$14.71      https://bit.ly/3iHeOn7


9.Characters set up brand acrylic ornaments

$8.1          https://bit.ly/3zsGTEM

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