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Fitness Goodies Recommended

More and more people are willing to get involved in exercise instead of always sitting in front of the computer. Summer is a great time to get sweaty and fit. Exercise is not only for weight loss, but also to strengthen people’s physical fitness.

In real life, many people like to exercise. Different people like different sports, but everyone has their own sports goodies.

My friends who love sports often recommend some good fitness equipment to me. Among them, I think there are several items worth recommending to everyone.

To be able to fuel your fitness, today I will bring you three pieces of equipment that are well received by fitness people.

Do you have your exercise equipment ready? If not yet. Then you have them around, will make your exercise happier!



1.Membrane Gun

First of all, today’s recommendation is a relaxation product after exercise. Membrane gun, if you use it after exercise, you will get effective relaxation.

If you relax badly after exercise on muscle pain, to avoid this situation, you certainly choose to use the membrane gun to massage and relax.As a massage product, after each exercise, it can help you relax your body very well Oh ~

This fascia gun has a green design, and its green color can enhance the style. It uses a streamlined body, and it has a relatively simple style.

It’s not heavy, so it’s easy to carry it around. From a health perspective, exercise is worth promoting. But, you must protect yourself during exercise. You need to avoid muscle strains, reduce tendon injuries, etc.

In short, I hope you can find happiness in sports. After each exercise, you can do a comfortable massage.

You can click the picture to get the purchase link.


2.Sports Bracelet

For those who only need a rough record of exercise data, this smart bracelet is very accurate. You can set step counts and exercise goals for yourself.

In addition to that, the pace of modern life is getting faster and faster, leaving less and less time for sleep. Therefore, a regular sleep schedule becomes especially important.

To get regular sleep, you can monitor your sleep every night. You can urge yourself to go to bed and get up on time according to your daily planned sleep schedule, which invariably helps you discipline yourself.

In addition to viewing specific sleep data for one night, you can also view your sleep over some time. You can count the average sleep time per day, or for a week and a month, and after comparing, you can know your overall sleep time.

What I like about it is the way it reminds me. Both the alarm and the message will cause the bracelet to vibrate. Without affecting other people, its vibration can just remind you.

It makes neither lets you miss the call nor brings bad noise to others.

You can click the picture to get the purchase link.


3. Wrist Ball

Wrist power ball is the abbreviation of wrist power fitness ball. The wrist strength ball consists of an inner ball core, an outer ball shell, and a surrounding rubber ring.

Under the law of inertia and centrifugal force, it can continuously rotate and generate a strong force to keep your wrist and arm in a state of autonomous movement.

The wrist strength ball is a handy fitness device that helps you improve blood circulation, soothe your muscles, relieve discomfort and eliminate fatigue, thus it can enhance your health.

It is one of the smallest and most functional balls, it is easy to carry, and it is suitable for both young and old. There is no need to be restricted by space to use it.

You can use it anytime and anywhere, using scenarios such as: watching TV at home, outdoor activities, walking, riding in the car, office, leisure.

You can click the picture to get the purchase link.


These goodies are a good choice for people who want to get fit. You can choose them according to your own needs.

These goods are on Taobao, if you want to buy from China, please contact us. Welcome to consult at any time.

Thanks for your reading. Do you have anything good to keep? Please feel free to share with us.

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