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5 scrubs to make you a “silk girl”!

Even in winter, you need to take good care of your body’s skin. Clear some of the skin’s cuticles on a regular basis, it’s helpful to keep your skin smooth and clean! Here are some great scrub products to share with you!

  1. greenland fruit scrub granite $23.80/200ml

From the Netherlands, face and body are suitable. The most popular flavor of his family is dragon fruit and white tea, the fragrance of the advanced niche, the fragrance is also very long.

  1. GEOMAR thalasso scrub $16.76/300g

The main natural ingredients are a mixture of Dead Sea salt, essential oils and fruit extracts, which are separated from the oil and salt, so remember to stir them before use. After use, the skin is fresh and not fake smooth.

  1. Rockingzoo  $12.68/200g

It is a sticky cream texture with a rubbing sensation when squeezed into hands, but it is very gentle. The special addition of olive oil, sunflower seed oil and other plant oils makes the whole cleansing process quite moisturizing. It also contains amino acids to maintain the skin’s oil and water balance, so if you have acne on your back, choose this one!

  1. Oh!Baby  $20.42/570g

Oh!Baby added silk essence and spa ingredients, consisting of particles of different sizes, the whole body available. The cream is pressed tightly, picked out by hand, diluted and melted with a little water and then put on the body, the particles feel obvious, generally can be used to rub the heels and elbows and other stubborn parts of the keratin.

  1. Sabon scrub $30.99/600g

The sabon scrub is also made with sea salt particles from the Dead Sea, infused with jojoba oil, borage oil and other vegetable oil ingredients. The sea salt particles are relatively large, rubbing the skin really becomes delicate and silky, like just after the SPA, but there will be a layer of oil film sense.

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