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Things For Protecting Your Eyes

We use mobile phones most of the time, but long-term use of them is very harmful to our eyes.

So how to reduce the damage of electronic products to our eyes, is there any way?


The answer is yes.

Let me share 5 things with you, which can help you reduce the damage of phones to your eyes.


1. Kindle Reader

Reading is essential for people.

Almost everyone has some reading apps on their mobile phones.

We usually spend a lot of time reading on our mobile phones every day.

However, the font size of e-books is relatively small.

In this case, the damage to the eyes will be relatively large.

Therefore, it is recommended to choose a kindle reader when reading. It feels like a paper book. And it is soft for the eyes.

Here’s a very easy-to-use kindle reader for you. You can adjust the cool and warm color temperature according to your own needs, and it is very comfortable to read.

In addition, it also adopts an IPX8 grade and waterproof design to protect your device, whether in the bathroom or on the beach, you can enjoy reading with peace of mind.


You can click the picture to get the purchase link.


2. Mobile phone holder


The way you look at your phone can also affect your eye health.

If you use the phone in an improper posture for a long time, it will cause damage to the eyes. For example, many people like to play with mobile phones while lying on the side of the bed, because it is easy and labor-saving.

However, in this case, the pressure on the eyes is the greatest, which will cause the vision deviation of the left and right eyes, and the compressed eyes are likely to cause insufficient blood supply.

After a long time, the eyes will experience swelling and short-term image overlap.

Therefore, correct posture is very important when looking at your phone. It’s best to use the mobile phone while sitting or standing.

However, if you hold the mobile phone for a while, the arms will be tired, so it is best to put the phone on the mobile phone holder.

Here’s a very useful mobile phone holder. Its material is aviation aluminum alloy, which is anti-oxidative, wear-resistant, and has good heat dissipation to protect your equipment.

In addition, its base is a silicone design, which is safe and non-slip, stable and firm.

My favorite point is that it is very functional. It is a three-in-one stand that can hold a phone, watch, and headphones at the same time, which is very convenient.

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3. Eye protection table lamp


Besides the posture of looking at the phone, which affects the health of the eyes, the brightness of the light also affects the health of the eyes.

The table lamp is to create a good visual environment and has a protective effect on the eyes.

Here’s a table lamp that has both appearance and function. Its appearance is very designed, and it looks like an eye.

Moreover, this table lamp has three color temperatures: white light, natural light, and warm light, which can be adjusted arbitrarily when used.

The connection between the lamp socket and the lamp head is a flexible hose, which can be bent freely at 360 degrees.

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4. Projector


Generally speaking, people usually spend a long time watching movies on their phones. But the screen is relatively small, the eye damage is also relatively large. Moreover, there is no sense of shock as in the cinema.

Experiments have shown that the degree of damage to children’s eye shadow is from high to low: mobile phone, iPad, TV, projection. It can be seen that the projection is the least harmful to the eyes among the 4 devices.

Therefore, when watching a movie, you can choose to use a projector, which can not only reduce the damage to the eyes, but also offer you the general visual impact of a movie theater.

Here’s a projector for you, you can experience a cinema-level audio-visual feast at home, and at the same time reduce the damage to your eyes from watching movies on mobile phones.

This projector is very light and small, and the size is just right.

It is very convenient to carry and use. It can meet various application scenarios anytime, anywhere, such as living room, bedroom, coffee shop, etc.

It allows users to experience the large-screen audio-visual theater at any time.

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5. Eye massager


Just like the shoulders and waist need massages, the eyes also need a massage.

But if you massage by yourself, the intensity is usually uneven and the time is not fixed, so an eye massager is perfect.

It uses an Air Ease massage system, including cyclic inflation and deflation. And it gently massages around the eyes and temples, the intensity is just right, and does not oppress the eyeballs.

It will bring you a brand new and upgraded massage experience.

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In the information age, we inevitably have to use our eyes to contact electronic products with high frequency, so it is very important to protect the health of our eyes.

Do you have any other good ways to protect your eyes? Feel free to share with us.