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Super practical bathroom good things to share

Ended the day of study and work

I want to relax when I get home

Lazy man hair drier Bracket Free hold in the hand Rotatable liberate both hands Free hold place pylons Electric air duct Shelf

Price:$ 3.21

lovely TOILET Shelf Shower Room Toilet table wall No punching Cosmetics Wall hanging wash hands Stick to the wall storage box

Price:$ 1.11

TOILET non-slip Mat lovely Shower Room Toilet doorway Absorbent pad carpet bathroom Cushions Enter the door waterproof door mat

Price:$ 1.27

Bath towel towel Dry hair cap Three piece set dormitory lovely girl Coral velvet children take a shower student water uptake large Wrapped towel

Price:$ 1.76

closestool Cushion 2022 The new winter pedestal pan Cushions household thickening Paste type Toilet waterproof Stool Ferrule

Price:$ 1.13

Crevice Trolley college student Dormitory artifact to ground Storage rack Shelf kitchen portability Storage rack Pulley

Price:$ 2.44

Take a bath to relieve the fatigue of the day~

A good thing in the bathroom that you can’t take a bath~

I don’t want to come out when I stay in the bathroom

Home happiness is bursting with happiness