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How to buy from Taobao?

Purchasing is incredibly easy to do!

All items are from Taobao, a Chinese shopping website similar to Amazon. In order to purchase from this site you need to create an account with a shopping proxy that will take your order and purchase from Taobao on your behalf.

I personally use Yoybuy which is English friendly, prompt in replies, and ships worldwide! You can receive $10 off your first order of $20 or more with Yoybuy.

Follow the steps below to purchase your items:

1. Create a Yoybuy account using this link.

2. Take the Taobao URL from the item you want (click on the item price, the URL should say Taobao or Tmall, not Tumblr!) and enter it into the item URL bar on Yoybuy’s website.


3. Once the item has been entered please select your options and select ‘add to cart’. If you’re unsure, leave a note describing which item you would like and Yoybuy’s shopping agents will contact you within 24 hours to help!

4. Continue to shop! When you’re done, go to your shopping cart (located at the top of the page) to review your items. Here you can adjust quantities, leave notes for the shopping agents, delete items, and check out! When you’re happy, select ‘pay’ to check out.

5. Here is where you select how to pay for your item. If you have at least $20 worth of items you can also select to use your coupon. You can add funds to your Yoybuy account and use your balance or select other options to pay with. Paypal is always the best option!

6. You’ve now paid for your items! Yoybuy will purchase them for you and let you know when they arrive. As they arrive you’ll find them by clicking on your username at the top of the page to be redirected to your customer center.

7. Once your items have arrived you can ship them! Click on ‘arrived’ to see your items and select them to ship. Here you’ll see all your items, how much they weight, and can select which items to ship.

8. Once you’ve selected which items to ship you’ll see the page showing your shipping methods available, how much each one costs, and your shipping costs. Once you’ve paid your items will be sent! Congratulations!

Special Notes:

1. Please remember your costs will include domestic shipping, international shipping, and service fees (like any shopping service!) Things may cost more because of this than you expect!

2. Yoybuy uses their own Chinese Yuan -> Your Currency conversion because currency conversion is constantly changing which usually makes things more expensive as the price fluctuates. Having one set conversion rate prevents this! It might be more expensive at times but it will also be cheaper at other times depending on the global currency exchange rates.

3. Yoybuy accepts Paypal! It’s the safest payment method for any online shopping so please use it!

4. The cart system may register automatically there is a shop shipping fee of a set amount (under $2) but if the item listing says “Mainland China free shipping” please write a note saying so and if possible they will honor free shipping. Sometimes the system will register the free shipping automatically!