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Having trouble viewing the Taobao page?

Recently many customers are required to login when browsing or searching items on www.taobao.com.

Do not worry, here i will show you how to make a registration on Taobao easily. Then you can search items you like on taobao freely.

  1. Open the page www.taobao.com and click the Chinese word “免费注册” on the top left corner.

Registrate on Taobao

2.Change the language into English which is easy for you to fill out the information. Now put your phone number into the box and drag the box to the right to verify you are not a machine.

Registrate on Taobao


3. Input the verification code into the box.

Registrate on taobao

4. Fill out the necessary information.

Registrate on Taobao

5.At last, you are register successfully on taobao. Enjoy your shopping experience from China through YOYBUY.

Note: Customers can also choose favorite items on 1688 on which there is no need to register.

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