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Beijing Warehouse Closing Notice

Beijing Warehouse Closing Notice

As the Beijing warehouse is located in the capital, various large-scale conferences and events often affect the delivery time of sellers and goods.

In order to ensure that the time limit for your goods to arrive at the warehouse is not affected, we will only keep the Shenzhen warehouse, and the Beijing warehouse will be officially closed on June 30, 2022.

All items for Buyforme customers will be automatically shipped to our Shenzhen warehouse from now on.

For all customers who use Shipforme services, please notify your seller to stop sending goods to Beijing warehouse and change the new delivery address in your account.

If the goods you have purchased cannot reach the Beijing warehouse before June 30, please contact the seller as soon as possible and change the delivery address.

The delivery address of Shenzhen warehouse is as follows:

Province(省) / City(市) / Region(区) / Street(街道)

广东省 / 深圳市 / 龙华区 / 大浪街道


大浪社区同富邨 工业区98号4层 优贝(西侧电梯口可入户)

Post code(邮政编码)




Phone NO.(手机号码)

(+86) 19925480673

For all products that have arrived in Beijing warehouse and the arrival date is within 180 days, we will pack such products and send them to Shenzhen warehouse before June 19. The goods are expected to arrive at the Shenzhen warehouse on June 23, and arrangements will be made to start re-shelving.

All products with an arrival date of more than 180 days will be directly discarded and destroyed.

Thank you for your continued trust and support to Yoybuy.

Yoybuy Team

June 15, 2022