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YOYBUY Review: Best Selling Clothing

Summer is around the corner and we thought to share with you best selling women clothing trend for the summer of 2019. With thousands of products, you can choose from dresses, skirts, sunglasses, hats, tops etc. YOYBUY offer you the categories from taobao.com

YOYBUY Catalogue is divided and carefully selected by following top-selling categories:


Women’s Clothing niche is one of the best selling and top choice of merchants, as well as one of our customers’ favorites.

So the trends in women’s clothing in 2019, according to the latest world fashion shows this month and also best-selling products are:


Pouches: They are coming back altogether. Transparent, in shimmering colors and with varied designs, the bracelets are the fashion accessories of the 2019 fashion podium in Paris, London or New York.

Monochrome Costumes: Some time ago I saw combinations that play with the same gender and color, and this season the trend continues. Red, pink, orange, purple or green: intense tones are very welcome in one suit, so as not to go unnoticed.

Tropical: Flowers, palms, branches and green leaves for everyone. Small prints are left aside, and large, colorful and vibrant drawings arrive. Green is combined with fuchsia, yellow, blue, on a white background, on skirts, shirts, swimsuits, dresses and accessories.

Swimsuits: Many fashion swimsuits 2018, come back in summer 2019 – stripes, strategic cutouts, floral or ethnic prints … the patterns are infinite.

Jackets: This summer we will witness a reinvention of the male costumes. For them, a tendency closer to the body and more daring tones. For them, with trousers to the ankle. The idea is to combine them with the sneakers to get an urban and elegant look. Sports chic is still fashionable.

Geometric stripes: The maritime print is left behind and we welcome geometric prints. We will see them on a white or colored background, on costumes or on comfortable clothes, but above all, combined with another type of print.

Accessories: glasses, bracelets, handkerchiefs, style of the sixties, to add the elegance of the summer season. Perhaps you are interested in: handbags and wallets, the ideal accessories for a stylish costume.

Buttons in front: on the dresses and skirts, the buttons in front will be a must-have. Pin Up style will undergo a rebirth in fashion trends 2019.

Patchworks: The technique created by the union of different fabrics has conquered all podiums in Europe and we are very likely to see it very much this summer.

Message T-Shirts: Although they are classical, t-shirts with political messages arrive more forcefully than ever. There are several international houses that have presented their models with phrases that demand equality, freedom and love for the global community.

Embroidery: Shirts and embroidered blouses are still fashionable, adding the color and warmth of all garments.

Flower Dresses: Nothing cuter than a sweet flower-filled dress to welcome the warmth and look beautiful at the same time. Fortunately, this print is one of the kings in 2019.

Shoes: The latest fashion news has already established that the platforms remain in positions and in 2019, in the most varied materials, present in the collections of the most famous shoe brands.

Skirts: As we saw on international podiums, skirts are worn in midi lengths. There are patterns with front or pleated buttons. The denim skirt is also a strong trend, which is imposed next summer as a street style owner. We will also see asymmetric skirts with cuts in different genres.

Talia: This spring we will see the waistline reappearing on both jackets and jackets or dresses. Although the oversized look is still fashionable, we can play with retro and romantic dresses.

Details: visible buttons, thick straps, metal buckles, needles in jackets, gold hardware … The key to the beginning of 2019 is in accessories: this season, more is better.

Overalls: Another piece that turns completely is the overalls, especially in the “worker” or “safari” style. A playful but super-practical play.

Kimonos: Oriental seal will be very present on kimonos in 2019.

Pajamas pants: comfortable and comfortable, are a must-have this spring. We will also see the pantacourt style: tight to the waist and under the knee.

Denim Jackets: This classic summer is a must-have. Sharpen the plastic or waterproof jackets, which we will see in the most varied shades, not just on the rainy days.


Hoping you are making some ideas now of what people will looking for in 2019, you can find all the above at a cheaper price than a retail store, on Taobao, using YOYBUY Agent. YOYBUY Review of best selling and trends of women clothing of summer 2019.

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