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Yoga pants-Make Your Skin Breathable

More and more people like yoga, yoga practice is intrinsic, feel with heart, breath with consciousness, from the inside out, change begins with yoga, yoga begins with YOYBUY. YOYBUY carefully selected several yoga pants suitable for practicing yoga. Come and pick the one you like.



  1. Mint Tight-fitting Fitness Pants

Delicate and supple fabric, and features sweat-absorbent and quick-drying, bright color and no fading.  $8.99  Buy it here.



  1. Printed Color Cropped Pants

It has high quality with soft fabric. High elasticity helps large range action when you do yoga. Many colors and more patterns available.  $8.99  Buy it here.



  1. Wool Knit Digital Print Yoga Pants

Fashionable and comfortable. It is popular and hot sale in Europe yoga market. $5.99 Buy it here.



  1. Stretch Quick-drying Running Pants

The hip and leg curves of this fitness trousers are sexy and feminine. The mesh fabric is breathable and winking. The pockets are designed to hold small objects while you are exercising.  $12.99  Buy it here.



  1. Shaped Yoga Pressure Pants

The trousers are made of highly breathable fabric with special cuts on the hips and joints to ensure quick perspiration while keeping warm, suitable for walking, work, and sports.     $16.99   Buy it here.


As we all know, yoga requires a high degree of precision in the movements. If the movements are not in place, the exercise effect will be greatly reduced. When wearing loose clothes, I can’t see the direction of the muscles of the limbs. Especially for the novices, it is difficult to grasp whether their actions are done. The tight-fitting underwear can clearly see the lines of the body muscles, making yoga practice more effective.

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