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Top 10 Product on Taobao

As the most professional Taobao Agent, we have served thousands of customers from world wild. We have well knowledge about what they like and what they really need for their life.

There’s no denying that Taobao makes people live a lot easier. Besides the festival gift ideas, there are also plenty of ingenious and useful products can be found from the magic place. Here is the best Taobao products list.


  1. The knife sharpener 

It diamond wheels hold their shape, can sharpen any alloy, and there is no need to use messy water or oil while sharpening. It can be used left or right handed, Soft touch handle provides an easy and secure grip. The knife sharpener is a good kitchen helper.


  1. 4-Port USB 3.0 Hub

Whether you are working, studying or entertaining, the USB 3.0 Hub is the best choice for you. Here’s a must-have accessory for any mobile device user. This compact USB 3.0 hub lets you connect an additional four USB devices to your computer, plus, you can easily fast-charge your mobile device using the hub’s dedicated charge port.


  1. Foldable Keyboard

The foldable Keyboard is the perfect travel companion. The humane design lets you easily take it wherever you go so you can get more done on your tablet or smartphone no matter where you are. It is compatible with 3 major operating system: iOS / Windows/ Android. Using the Bluetooth to link your device and supporting about 40 hours working time.



  1. Silicone Comb 

This is a great shampoo massager, and many people still wash their hair with their nails. In the long run, the scalp is damaged, it is easy to lose hair, and after changing to a shampoo comb, it can be well avoided to scratch the scalp. This is a good protection scalp tool.


  1. Coral fleece bath mat

The coral velvet mat is easy to use. The most annoying thing in the shower is that there is a lot of water on the feet. At this time, just stand on the mat for a while, it will be dry and super comfortable, and the excellent water absorption is particularly good.


  1. Pressing Bottle Container

This kind of foaming bottle is actually everywhere, the price is not expensive, the quality and low price can be the reasons for selection. After using it, you no longer have to make the foam by yourself. More concise and practical, it can also put shampoo in the bottle and it is worth buying to your home.

  1. Cotton Wall Hanging Bag 

If you always think that the desktop position is too small to put on, you can also buy a cotton wall hanging bag, the smallest bag can put a pen, the biggest one can hold a hair dryer, no longer have to worry about no place on the desktop.


  1. Passport Holder

The multi-function travel document package provides convenient travel storage, cash, coins, airline tickets, passports, bank card, and bills, all of which can be handled with ease, lightweight, water-repellent fabrics to minimize your travel burden.


  1. Plug

This plug supports four conversion standards and is safe to travel. It is designed with a wide voltage of 100-240V to effectively handle different voltage problems in various countries. Also supports USB interface charging.


  1. Storage bag

This storage bag can be stored in a change of laundry, towels, underwear, etc. The built-in compartment bag is designed to hold underwear, socks or change clothes. You can also place toiletries, pens, and laptops. The back zip layer is easy to use with the trunk.


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