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Summer, Sun Shine, Sea and Straw Hat

The summer is coming, more and more people come out, go to the beach. The visor can be an important accessory for this season. Women beach sun visor, available in a variety of colors to meet your different color matching needs, simple design, highlighting elegant and stylish temperament. YOYBUY takes more choices for you to make your enjoyable summer time.


  1. This visor is hand crochet. Most straw hats on the market are woven, not workers hand-crochet price contrast great different, hand-made paper grass is a burst if workers a burst of crocheted, very strong, not easy to damage, random folding not deformation. $14.99  Buy it here.



  1. Wear the hat has a great function of Anti-UV coating effectively blocks more than 99% UV rays more effective sensitive skin and more reliable for the skin on sunscreen. Hemp has become a popular material for summer weaving because of its toughness, air permeability, and portability. $18.99  Buy it here.



  1. Hand-made crocheted, non-plain straw hat is a new type of grass with a high cotton content. Couple with Taiwanese editing techniques, it is very strong, soft, easy to collapse and easy to fold. $19.99  Buy it here.



  1. This special hat has pointed on the material. It is Raffia RAEEIA from Madagascar. There’s the local name for love grass and wishing grass. It was introduced into the fashion world very early because if its soft and tough texture. $25.99  Buy it here.



  1. Cozy material, Simple and stylish design can be the reason that you don’t want to miss it for summer. The hat has a humanized design which is easy fold and carries to outdoor. Never worry about wrinkle deformation. $5.99  Buy it here.




The visor can be necessary Accessories then others. It against the heavy sunshine, more girls look fashion and beautiful and enjoy the easy life from nature. Come to YOYBUY, we think what you think, get what you need for.


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