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Five items suitable for Christmas gifts

  1.  British Museum Official Venus Collection Canvas Bag   12.53$


It looks like a plain canvas bag, but from the British Museum, and born under the Venus inspiration, naturally carries the attributes of Western romanticism, put in Christmas to each other is very practical choice.


  1. Astronaut phone holder  3.24$


Practicality is very high and full of sense of technology, placed on the table probably very small chance of duplication. It can be said that very tasteful, it is really a loveable phone holder.

  1. Elvis MW-P1 Atomic Phonograph  41.97$


Compact size, function crushing the same level of small speakers on the market, just put it in your pocket and you can enjoy the endless pleasure of music every moment. This one also happens to be the Christmas color , still hesitate?


  1. rituals advent calendar  184.64$


rituals is a skincare brand from the Netherlands, and every year it launches a gift box and calendar for the Christmas season.This year’s calendar shape is a sonw-covered 3D Christmas town, we need to build up the house one by one to insert.

24 houses are rituals star products, there are bath mousse, aromatherapy, body lotion and so on. It is said that through the box can smell the premium fragrance!


  1. Essential oil aromatherapy diffuser  51.83$


The use of wood penetration diffusion fragrance – this essential oil aromatherapy diffuser and other products are no different, not to say that there is no high-tech features, but it is this simple quiet, you can enjoy a peaceful and relaxing. And the shape is also very unique.

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