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YOYBUY Customer Reviews (Phase 2)

YOYBUY is one of the most trusted and professional online shopping agents.

We provide one-stop B2B buying and forwarding services for our customers.

YOYBUY has been established for many years and has a good reputation.

We have gained the trust and praise of our customers.

We value each of our customers and their valuable reviews.

These reviews are the cornerstone of our further friendship and cooperation. They are also the basis for our mutual growth.

We will show two of our customer reviews in this article.


Customer Reviews

Customer C

Customer NameF…


Shipping Method: SAL Parcel/ FedexIP

Payment Method: Paypal

Customer Reviews

1. Awesome service as always! Parcel arrived around the expected time safe and sound. All items are correct, in perfect condition, even the fragile ones are. Totally recommended option to purchase and enjoy Chinese products! The staff is kind, caring, and patient, great customer service.

2. As usual, great service! I love Chinese items so this service is an amazing way to purchase them. The staff is friendly, kind and thoughtful and dedicated. Recommended!

3. Absolutely satisfying service! I love it! Chinese products are great and this service makes it so easy to able to purchase those Chinese products, how not to love it! The parcel arrived safe and sound and at the expected time. Totally recommended.

4. Once again, Great Service! This service is great, we can purchase great products, at a lower cost than at local stores, it might be a little challenging for people who know nothing about the Chinese language just like me, but if you are really interested in good purchases through this amazing service it is worded! Extremely recommended!

5. This parcel was delivered through a low-cost delivery service however it arrived faster than expected and safe. Great service as always.

6. Amazing experience using this service. The parcel arrived exactly on the estimated time, in excellent conditions, with every item expected. Definitely, I’ll kip purchasing through this service.

Product Category

1. Cross border Mini household vacuum Sealing machine small-scale Plastic packaging machine vacuum packer portable food Fresh keeping machine

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2. Cross border E-commerce 8position NES TV recreational machines Mini FC Double Red and white machine 500 close 1 built-in 620 individual game

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3. Yongteli snack sealing machine small household moon cake hand pressed plastic bag heat shrinkable film tea aluminum foil plastic sealing

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4. Long association high-precision kitchen scale Electronic scale food Weighing apparatus accurate commercial charge baking household small-scale Gram scale

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Customer D

Customer NamePa…z


Shipping Method: EExpress/ UPSExpedite

Payment Method: Paypal

Customer Reviews

1. Very good and high quality.

2. It took a while but all arrived nicely, they are beautiful.

3. Everything is fine and in good condition.

4. All items arrived, the service is very good, thank you very much.

Product Category

1. Advanced sense Small bag summer Versatile broadband Inclined shoulder bag female 2022 new pattern tide Minority Design portable Bucket bag

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2. Autumn and winter new pattern ma’am stand collar Frivolous down Vest Stylish and versatile 90 White duck down vest Vest waistcoat

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3. Bag tape Accessory belt replace a leather bag wide knapsack black Tape The single shoulder bag Shoulder strap Single purchase Messenger female

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4. Samsung z flip 3 Mobile phone shell zflip3 Folding screen smart cover f7110 Shell zlip3 All inclusive Fall prevention Samsung ring Bracket galaxy female zf1ip trunk filp Three generations

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Through the reviews of the above two customers, it can be seen that Yoybuy is deeply trusted by customers.


We have high-quality services, various shipping channels, and high-quality product supply partners, which are the best choice for your cooperation.


If you have shopping or shipping needs, please contact us.