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Yoybuy and Taobao features

Yoybuy are the largest and most reliable Taobao agents that help buy goods from paipai.com, Taobao.com and dangdang.com. Toabao is one of the largest Chinese website that specializes in delivering goods from China operated by Alibaba Group. This website is similar to Amazon or Ebay. You can buy items made in China at a low price and save money. Taobao international shipping has fixed prices and a buyer is not charged commission on international shipping. Usually the shipping amount is based on weight of the goods.
All about Yoybuy and Taobao

· One of the main benefits of buying from Yoybuy is the fast delivery of goods at a low price. Buyers are offered discount international shipping. You will experience seamless and distinctive customer service assisting you in English.

· Yoybuy also ensures maximum convenience of customers as they accept a variety of payment methods including Western Union, Credit Card and Webmoney.

· All your packages are received by Youbuy and repackaged into one big box before being delivered to your door.

· You get to choose from the extremely wide variety of goods in China and buy them at incredibly low prices. Taobao finds, purchases and checks before delivering items.

· Unlimited range of goods available in China.

· You can even buy Asian traditional products at a cheap price.

· China has one of the largest collection of hand-made products that are unique and creative.

· When you buy in RMB and later pay in USD or Euro you save on currency exchange and money transfer.

· A Toabao agent helps you access your goods atr low international shipping costs. Most iotems are delivered at half the price the item costs in your home country.

· The website is easy to use by just opening an online account template. Website versions are offered in English, Chinese, Spanish and Russian.

Make an informed decision to use a Taobao agent for safe, fast and effective Yoybuy services.