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YEARCON is the abbreviation of YEARCON Co., Ltd., founded in 1995.
YEARCON is a company that sells leather shoes, casual wear, and ancillary products, and it is one of the largest single-factory footwear groups in China.
YEARCON insists on the business philosophy of “quality for the city, science and technology for the enterprise”.
The unremitting pursuit and unswerving belief of YEARCON people is to do a good job in beautifying people’s lives.

YEARCON brand product chart
YEARCON brand product chart

History of YEARCON
In 1995, YEARCON was established in Qingtian.
In 1996, YEARCON’s leather shoe process reform was successful, and it began to achieve mass production; YEARCON recruited agents nationwide and began to build a nationwide franchise sales network.
In 1999, YEARCON established a marketing department.
In 2004, the trademark ” YEARCON ” was recognized as a “Famous Trademark in China” by the State Administration for Industry and Commerce.
In 2005, a ” YEARCON ” trademark signed by President Shan Zhimin carried “Shenzhou VI”, and traveled in space for 115 hours and 32 minutes; YEARCON set up R&D institutions and supporting production bases in Jinjiang, Guangzhou, Chengdu and Wenzhou.
In 2007, YEARCON won the “Zhejiang Provincial Quality Award”; the ” YEARCON ” sports trademark was recognized as a well-known trademark in China.
In 2008, YEARCON was awarded the title of “Provincial Advanced Collective of Migrant Workers”.
In 2009, YEARCON won the “King of Leather Shoe in China” again.
In 2010, YEARCON was awarded the title of “National Advanced Unit for Implementing Excellent Performance Model” by the China Quality Association.
In 2012, YEARCON was recommended by China Leather Industry Association as “China’s leading leather shoe king”.

In 2013, the company added two sub-brands of “YRC” and “KENAIR” based on the existing ” YEARCON ” brand, and the English name of the original “QSB” series was changed from “QSB” to “FREE FOOT”.

1.Perfect Terminal
The unremitting pursuit of YEARCON brand development is to continuously improve and perfect the integration, standardization and modernization of the terminal store image, and further enhance the brand image and product sales.
While improving the terminal construction, the YEARCON sports brand continues to increase the brand project construction of “beautiful sports equipment”, and the three-dimensional advertising is launched across the board, which promotes the YEARCON sports brand to gradually move to the forefront of the industry stage.
2.Broad Marketing
YEARCON now has sales outlets all over the country, and the marketing network radiates north and south. Its goods could be found in online stores such as Taobao or Tmall from China. If you are interested in YEARCON goods and don’t know how to buy them, you can choose Yoybuy forwarder. We provide a fast, reliable freight forwarding service for people all around the world, wherever you live we will ship the goods there!

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