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XDLONG (XDLONG (China) Co., Ltd.) was founded in 2001, located in Jinjiang XDLONG Industrial Park, is a footwear brand. XDLONG shoes have won the titles of Fujian Famous Brand, Fujian Famous Trademark and National Double Inspection Free Products (sports shoes and garments). XDLONG adheres to the “people-oriented” design concept and advocates “fashion, vitality, freedom and innovation” of life and leisure experience.

Sidelong offline stores
Sidelong offline stores

Brand Definition

Founded in 2001, XDLONG has been in business for more than 11 years with an endless pursuit of quality and dedication to the cause.

The company’s products have always been unique in the fashion and sports industry for their hard work, steadiness, focus and innovation, and are loved by those who pursue a fashionable, casual lifestyle.

The company has always advocated a “fashionable, dynamic, free and innovative” lifestyle and leisure experience, and has always been at the forefront of the industry with its “people” oriented design philosophy, excellent product development and manufacturing levels, and constantly improving corporate and brand image.

In 2003, XDLONG, a fashion and leisure brand representing fashion charm, love and the infinite pursuit of the unknown, invited the superstar Aaron Kwok to be its spokesperson and entered the fashion and leisure apparel field.

In 2009, XDLONG was listed on the NASDAQ in the US.

Brand Honours

Research and development base of the State General Administration of Sports

National Inspection-free Product Quality

National medium-sized industrial enterprise

Top 100 Most Favored Quanzhou Brands by Youths in the Strait

Fujian Famous Brand Product

Famous Trademark of Fujian Province 

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