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Shipping From China to Indonesia

What are the best shipping companies for sending goods from China to Indonesia?

Which shipping companies have high timeliness and which ones have price advantages?

In fact, there are many shipping companies from China to Indonesia.

Today, I will introduce three of them. They all have their own advantages.

You can choose the most suitable way according to your forwarding needs.





DHL Express is a shipping company founded in the United States. And it is wholly owned by Deutsche Post Group.

It is currently one of the largest transportation companies in the world.



This is the most advantageous feature of it. In North America, Europe, and Australia, the receipt can be completed within 2-5 working days. Southeast Asia, 1-3 days to complete the receipt.

Strong Shipping Capacity

It has a strong shipping capacity. This is because it has sufficient resources to fly in the air. According to public information, DHL Express has 300 aircraft and continues to order cargo aircraft in partnership with Boeing.

High Security

Its logistics channels basically adopt the direct flight mode. The advantage of this is that the number of transfers of goods is less, there is no need for multiple security inspections, the loss rate is low, and the safety is high.

Customer A

Here is customer A’s logistics tracking using DHL.

The product type is clothing and accessories.

And the total weight of the goods is 37 kilograms.

The destination is BANDUNG.

And the total delivery time is 4 working days, and the speed is extremely fast.

If the item you are mailing is very urgent, you can choose DHL to receive the required item in a short time.

If you send a parcel using DHL, parcels weighing more than 20kg are very favorable, for example, if your parcel is 21kg, the total cost is $166.96 and the cost per kg is only $7.95.

It’s just that DHL has higher restrictions on item categories and includes fewer types, such as only animation derivatives and textiles.



EMS (Express Mail Service) is a postal express service, an international mail express service managed by the Universal Postal Union, and is an express service provided by China Post in China.


Real-time tracking: You can know the whole process information of the delivered mail in real-time.

Commitment time limit: The promised time limit is the maximum delivery time limit for the mail delivered by the customer, and the actual delivery time may be shorter than the promised time limit.

Compensation for the delay: If the actual delivery time of the mail exceeds the promised time limit due to postal reasons, the postage fee charged will be refunded.

Customer B

Here is the logistics tracking example of customer B using EMS.

The product type is electronic products.

And the total weight of the goods is 5 kg.

The destination of the goods is Jakarta Selatan.

And the total delivery time is 7 working days, which shows that the timeliness is also very high.

If the item you want to mail is urgent, you can choose EMS, which can receive the required item in a short time. In addition, the postage cost of EMS is much lower than that of other logistics methods, and the price advantage is very obvious.



DDP: Delivered Duty Paid, where the freight forwarder is responsible for a full range of services, including customs clearance, delivery, customs duties, and other uncontrollable costs at the port of destination.

If you have a large number of goods, it is recommended to go by sea, because the shipping cost by sea is very cost-effective. It’s just that the shipping time will be longer, so you need to plan the time in advance.

Customer C

Here is the logistics tracking example of customer C using shipping.

The product type is the plastic hook, textile gloves.

And the total weight of the goods is 120kg.

The destination of the goods is Bandung.

Because the goods are shipped by sea, you can make a prepayment of 100 US dollars first, and then make up the payment according to the actual weight and volume of the package.

Customer C mails 120kg of goods, and the total cost is only $492, which is very cost-effective.

However, the shipping time is a little long, and the total time is 39 days.

If you are shipping bulky goods and not urgent goods, you can choose sea freight which is very cost-effective.



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