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Mark Fairwhale

Mark Fairwhale is a Chinese original design fashion brand tailor-made by international design master Mark Cheung for the world’s new urbanites. Since its birth in 2001, it has been favored by fashionistas around the world.
Mark Fairwhale is a multi-arts brand. Since 2002, the brand has been drawing inspiration from a variety of artistic fields, including performing arts (music, dance), plastic arts (painting, sculpture, architecture), language arts (literature), and integrated arts (theater, film), through patterns, patterns, colors and techniques of clothing design.

Mark Fairwhale publicity photos
Mark Fairwhale publicity photos

History of Mark Fairwhale
In 2002, FAIRWHALE SPORTS men’s clothing was launched under Mark Warfield.
In 2004, FAIRWHALE SPORTS menswear was renamed FAIRWHALE JEANS menswear.
In 2005, Mark Fairwhale cooperated with Coca-Cola and World of Warcraft, and the “NEXT STOP 1863” train toured the country.
In 2006, Mark Fairwhale launched a series of public welfare projects to fulfill its social responsibility, with the communication concept of “passionate about fashion, art and public welfare”.
In 2007, Mark Fairwhale launched the “Paper Planes” project to help children in the Dabie Mountains fly their dreams. The “Impression of Pompidou” green initiative was launched.
In 2008, Mark Fairwhale established a direct sales center on the Internet, started to enter the field of e-commerce, and held the first “Creative Motor” art design competition.
In 2010, the second “Creative Motor” art and design contest was launched.
In 2011, cooperated with illustration artist Alec Doherty for the 10th anniversary of the T-shirt.
In 2012, the official flagship store of e-commerce “Double Eleven” exceeded 45 million RMB. The first TVC “Go beyond yourself, go for adventure” landed on Hunan TV prime time.
In 2013, Brand VI was upgraded and renamed to Mark Fairwhale FJ Men’s Clothing.
In 2015, Mark Fairwhale brand won the “Best Casual Fashion Brand” in the 2015 China Fashion Awards.
In 2017, Mark Fairwhale FJ brand image was fully upgraded to FAIRWHALE men’s clothing, and the sales of all channels exceeded 20 billion.

In 2018, the “Youth Culture” project team was launched to explore the current youth lifestyle. Mark Fairwhale insisted on the brand art DNA, through cross-border (British Museum cross-border series, Bruce Lee Kung Fu series, MARK WIGAN), brand content output.

1.National trend art series
With Chinese culture/Chinese spirit/Chinese attitude, the brand’s positive power is conveyed through clothing, and Chinese elements are fused with seasonal international trend styles and silhouettes to shape the national style HIGH-STREET.
2.International Art Series
This collection carries the original, artistic and trendy DNA of the Mark Fairwhale brand, with the brand’s heavy craftsmanship, pattern and color genes, fusing art and fashion through the use of flower, insect, bird and animal elements.
3.Simple art series
This collection contains different artistic styles and elements such as minimalist, abstract or linear.
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