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K-Bird Co., Ltd. is a well-known sports shoes and apparel brand enterprise in China, mainly engaged in the research and development, design, production and sales of K-Bird brand sports shoes and sportswear. Since its establishment, the company’s products focus on sports and leisure, and its marketing network focuses on the domestic second, third and fourth-tier city markets. With a business model that combines independent and outsourced production and dealer sales, the company has achieved sustained and rapid growth by virtue of its differentiated brand positioning, rigorous quality control and nationwide marketing network.
By conducting comprehensive research on the market, mastering the current trend, advanced technology, market dynamics, and consumer demand, K-Bird analyzes consumers’ demand points, finds the entry point of brand and consumption, which is the perfect combination of product comfort and fashion, and practices this brand concept, striving to provide consumers with more comfortable, sportier, and more fashionable sports products.

K-Bird Related Products Chart
K-Bird Related Products Chart

History of K-Bird
In 2003, awarded National Inspection-free Product Quality, Fujian Famous Trademark, China Reputation Quality Service AAA Grade Enterprise.
In 2005, awarded China Famous Brand, China Well-known Trademark.
In 2005, signed a contract with the International Association of Athletics Federations as the strategic partner and the only designated sports equipment manufacturer and sponsor in East Asia.
In 2006, became the top sports equipment partner and designated sponsor of the organizing committee of the U.S. Dream 7 team’s visit to China and international basketball tournament.
In 2008, joined hands with top experts at home and abroad to launch a new brand strategy planning; became a special broadcast brand of CCTV-5 “Sports Express”.
In 2009, Brand value exceeded 2.7 billion.
At the end of 2009, K-Bird signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Youku, Tudou, Xunlei and Sohu Video to start a video marketing strategy, and then invested in Youku to film “Born to Play Sports” (the first sports web series in China).
In 2014, K-Bird successfully landed on the capital market, becoming the “No. 1 A-share sports brand stock”.
In 2015, the total market value of K-Bird exceeded 40 billion yuan, and Chairman Lin Tianfu was the richest person in Quanzhou for the first time with a wealth of 19 billion yuan.
In 2015, started the nation’s first mission-based group run, “Halo Run”.
In 2016, the first “National Winter Running Day” was created to strengthen the brand’s professional attributes and expand social influence.
On January 11, 2020, ranked 423rd in the “2019 China CSR 500 Best List”.

On June 28, 2020, selected as one of the “2020 List of Provincial Leading Enterprises of Industry and Information Technology in Fujian Province”.

Self-developed and designed
The company insists on independent research and design to ensure that the brand concept of “Happy Sports” is fully reflected in the products.
The company has a total of 134 core R&D personnel with strong sports footwear design capabilities, and all R&D and design plans are completed collectively by the team, reducing the risk of over-reliance on individual designers.

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