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JD.com was founded in 1998 by CEO Richard Liu in Beijing. The company is the largest retailer in China. JD.com maintains a high standard through its commitment to quality, authenticity, and a wide range of products. The platform hosts electronics, beauty products, and fresh food products.

JD.com provides an e-commerce platform for local and global brands to reach their customers. The company offers extensive data-driven analytic services, market information, warehousing, consumer targeting, and financial services. These platforms bring value to the company’s customers and partners.

In 2021, JD.com was ranked at number ten of the fastest-growing brands in the world.

In September 2016, JD.com launched its first autonomous delivery vehicle. Following years of successful research, JD.com became the first company to have Level-4 autonomous driving technology on public roads with no human interactions. As of December 2020, JD.com had 314,906 full-time employees and more than 300 million customers.

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JD.com has over 550 million active users who place 90% of their orders through mobile phones. JD.com delivers approximately 1 billion products to customers one day after making their order making the platform one of the fastest product delivery globally. JD.com has a zero-tolerance approach to counterfeit products and ensures that only genuine and high-quality products are listed on the platform. Additionally, JD.com controls the supply chain by maintaining a direct sale business approach. The company oversees regular oversight checks to monitor suspicious sellers and products. In 2020, JD.com launched its TCM and an internet medical consultations program. The platform has over 9000 TCM specialists. China’s top TCM experts are found on the forum. After the outbreak of Covid-19, JD.com, through JD Health, launched a free 24/7 consultation program for Xi’an residents. By April 2020, JD.com had started daily delivery services using autonomous vehicles in 20 Chinese cities. Autonomous delivery vehicles have greatly improved product delivery time but, more importantly, have allowed human couriers to focus on customer services. This technology provides value for all as it benefits the company and society. In December 2021, JD Health opened an Internet Hospital in Tianjin to bring Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) Services online. Chinese people can make medical appointments online and order home delivery medications with the new digitized medical services. In December 2021, Xuemin Shi, TCM’s academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, insisted that big data, internet hospitals, and Artificial intelligence will play a significant role in developing the Internet + TCM. JBS accounts for 20% to 30% of China’s total beef imports. JD buys fresh meat directly from JBS’s factories and provides a stable supply chain through its cold chain logistics to maintain meat freshness. In 2020, JD.com had net revenue of $144.3 billion. In December 2021, JD.com, in collaboration with Hitaly signed an agreement to cooperate in multiple fields, including retail, e-commerce, warehousing, domestic and international logistics. According to Dr. Paul Yan, the corporation between JD.com and Hitaly provides an opportunity to transform the industry to digital intelligence through high-end technologies to promote businesses growth in the retail sector.

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