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Czech Republic

The Czech Republic, commonly known as the Czech Republic, is a landlocked country located in Central Europe. It is bordered by Austria to the south, Germany to the west, Poland to the northeast, and Slovakia to the east. The Czech state originated in the Kingdom of Bohemia, which was the capital of the Holy Roman Empire and the instigator of the Thirty Years’ Religious War, and later became the industrial center of the Austrian and Austro-Hungarian Empires.
Czech Republic - Taber City
Czech Republic - Taber City
It is common to buy goods online in a Chinese online store and have them shipped home by the freight forwarder yoybuy from China, wherever you are in the UK or US, however, the shopping way is a brand-new experience nowadays. Users can watch goods closely, as if they were actually holding them in their hands from the other side of the world. International freight is another experience. In most instances, the goods you buy from Chinese online stores can be delivered within a few weeks after ordering, with the way of air, sea and multiple land transportation.

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We can handle almost every thing, but we cannot deliver items that are prohibited or require special

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1. Ambient and temperature-controlled (Flammable, explosive, dry, liquid, powdered, Paste, Magnet,

lighter,battery,controlled cutting tools, compressed gas and semi-manufactured)

2. Pharmaceutical products

3. Bulk products, including petrochemicals

4. Chemicals

5. Dangerous goods

6. Electronic components

7. Forest products

8. Metals

9. Engineering sub-assemblies

10. High value goods

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The following major e-commerce platforms are leading the way in number of clients and transaction amount:

Multi channel transportation

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