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Best Massage Tools for Office Workers

Today’s office workers have become a high prevalence group for cervical pain.

And they are familiar with neck pain, shoulder pain, and arm pain, and are keen to get rid of them.

Massage tools are the easiest and quickest way to relieve pain.

So today I am going to introduce a few very useful massage tools to you to relieve your cervical and shoulder pain.

massage tools

Massage Tools


Cervical Spine Massager

All working people feel the same way, when they are sedentary for a long period of time, they experience neck pain, sore shoulders, and clacking bones.

But what can you do if you have no time to go to the gym to exercise?

I recommend you to use this cervical massager, which is portable, easy to use, and helps you to unblock the blood and relax your muscles at any time.

Firstly, this cervical massager uses the secret meridian pass technology, breaking through the previous physical kneading of the superficial type of massage.

Through the TEMS + EMS double pulse charging technology, it can bring you three layers of deep massage experience.

Then, it has three heat modes, including low, medium and high temperature, which you can adjust yourself to use the temperature you feel most comfortable with.

Finally, this massager has a long battery life, so you don’t have to worry about running out of power when you are out and about.

If you are suffering from shoulder and neck pain and cannot find the time to go to the gym. A shoulder and neck massager is an excellent choice for you.


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Leg Massager

In addition to the shoulder and neck massage, leg massage is also essential.

The legs are the barrier that supports our entire body, and the relaxation of the leg muscles also facilitates the blood flow throughout the body.

Here is a leg massager you can try after a long meeting, or wearing high heels to work.

Firstly, it looks great and is very easy to adjust from 30cm to 40cm around the legs, and it is also very easy to attach and detach, so you can easily remove the cover for a clear view.

Moreover, this massager has a double powerful spindle movement that gives a rhythmic massage to tired legs.

Finally, it has a 45-degree thermostat setting which relaxes tight muscles or stiff joints and helps blood flow. And it has an automatic shut-off function that turns off after 10 minutes, to prevent muscle fatigue caused by long massages.

When you get home from work, using this leg massager will greatly help you relax your leg muscles and help you get rid of the fatigue of the day.


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Foot Massager

Apart from the shoulder, neck, and leg massage, foot massage is also very important.

At first, there are many acupuncture points on the bottom of the feet, which can be effectively stimulated by a foot massager. And it can also relieve neck and shoulder pain and other symptoms.

Therefore, the use of foot massagers can effectively accelerate the body’s blood circulation and enhance metabolism.

Besides, by using a foot massager, one can also effectively improve the quality of one’s sleep and refresh the brain with an adequate supply of nutrients.

Now I would like to introduce a very useful foot massager to you.

It has a high-tech foot segmentation massage, which enables the back, the front and the middle of the foot to be massaged separately.

What’s more, it has a multi-speed mode that can be switched to meet the needs of different people, for example, young people can choose a slightly heavier intensity of 7 to 9.

Another great thing is that this massager can be timed intelligently, so you can choose your own timer time. It also has a noise-canceling mode, so you don’t have to worry about noise.

Finally, it has a removable and washable foot rubbing cloth, which can be removed when you need to clear it, making it very healthy and environmentally friendly.


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The above three massagers are very helpful in relieving shoulder and neck pain, and can be chosen according to your needs.

But these are only able to relieve pain, they are still no substitute for a person’s main exercise. The most effective way to reduce the ailment is to change your lifestyle and get active.

If you know any other good massage tools for office workers, welcome to share with us.