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You Worth to Have This Diamond

People like necklaces, not only because of the design of the necklace but also it has many beautiful meanings to people. As one of the biggest Taobao Agent, we would like to share the five necklaces and show the story of the beautiful thing.


  1. New Forest StylePendant  $5.99

The special deer head design makes you look different. Not like others, the designer has a unique concept for the pendant. Buy it here



  1. “Blue Eye” S925 Pure Silver Necklace  $8.99

The “Blue Eye” has a simple style design but show your personal style, it is suitable for any occasions. Buy it here



  1. Double Golden Ball Necklace   $7.99

Platinum and rose gold contrast color make it textured and temperament. Simple and stylish keeps the gloss for a long time.  Buy it here



  1. Rose Gold Double Ring PureSilver Necklace  $10.99

Double ring design with rose gold color makes the necklace unique temperament. It can be a great gift idea for your girlfriend.  Buy it here



  1. PureSilver Lembongan Mermaid Tear Necklace  $7.99

The Lembongan Mermaid Tear Necklace tells the beautiful love story. You will be attracted by the design.  Buy it here



The necklace is one of the most versatile pieces of jewelry, no matter what style it can play a good match. It is also because of the versatility of the necklace that girls will love it so much. In addition to the necklace is very suitable for matching with the shape, it is also a good choice as a gift to your girlfriends. Never miss the idea. YOYBUY not only can purchase and ship for you, but think for you.

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