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Buying from Taobao with YOYBUY Agent

Taobao agent service never was so easy. With just a few clicks the process of buying directly from China can be made by everyone using YOYBUY Taobao Agent service.

Official Taobao Agent service from YOYBUY can be found here.


When you use YOYBUY you have following benefits, that it differentiates us from others:

  • Free storage for 90 days
  • Free Quality Check
  • Free repackage
  • Free China address
  • English/Russian support
  • Free return
  • Free $10 coupon at sign-up

Most of those services that on YOYBUY are free, other agents request money, that will lead to an expensive product and a bad user experience.


Continuing with YOUBUY services, we introduce the cost calculator:


Cost calculator tool will help you to make the budget for your next haul. Using the best shipping method for you, is important for the overall experience, buying from China.

Size Conversion table is another “must have” handy tool. Knowing before the order what size you need, it will relieve you of a possible return, that by the way, the agent will do it for you.

Help Center works best for you if you are a newcomer in Taobao Agents. And if you still have questions, please don’t hesitate to contact our Live Support in English or Russian.


YOYBUY made the whole buying from China process easy, intuitive and accessible to anyone from one-time buyer to businessmen (VIP Club).

Are you ready for your first order with us?

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