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The brand “Snow Flying” was founded at the end of the 20th century when the functional clothing industry was booming. In the past 20 years, Snow Flying has always adhered to the user needs as the foundation, created user value as the goal, all the way to reform and innovation.
Snow Flying Industrial Co., Ltd. has product design and development and supply chain integration, brand marketing, manufacturing, and retail capabilities. In addition to adult and children’s down jackets, their products are gradually expanding to four-season categories.

snow flying brand product chart
snow flying brand product chart

History of Snow Flying
In 1999, the brand “Snow Flying” was established.
In 2001, appraised as the protection of mother river logo products.
In 2002, Snow Flying down jacket was named as a China’s famous brand product.
In 2003, was named as Jiangsu Province quality trustworthy products.
In 2005, won the special contribution award of China’s down apparel industry.
In 2006, Snow flying down jacket was named as a famous brand product in Jiangsu Province.
In 2006, Snow flying down jacket was named as a national inspection-free product.
In 2007, Snow flying was recognized as China’s well-known trademark “Snow Flying”.
In 2008, awarded as “China’s top ten brands of textile culture” by the China Textile Industry Association.
In 2011, the “Snow Flying” brand down jacket was named as a China’s aerospace special product, the brand value of Snow Flying by the authority of the evaluation reached 5.665 billion RMB.
In 2018, Snow Flying was named as a China’s down jacket industry, the great artisan brand.
In 2020, launched “Internet+” operation mode.
In 2020, awarded TOP8 in the “November 2020 China Down Jacket Brand Online Development Ranking TOP15” by iiMedia Ranking.

In 2021, started a new three-year strategy to become a trusted and inclusive apparel brand operator in the Internet era.

1.Snow Flying X China space culture co-branded down jacket
The design team of Snow Flying incorporates modern spacecraft, space theme badges and other elements, and uses professional fabrics to make fashion and technology collide to create more inspiration. At the same time, Snow Flying also hopes to help promote aerospace culture and pay tribute to the craftsmanship of Chinese aerospace people.
2.Summit ski series down jacket
Snow Flying officially released the peak ski series down jackets, giving young people the down products with both hardcore thermal strength and fashionable texture.
3.Snow Flying X PAC-MAN co-branded down jacket series
Snow Flying X PAC-MAN joint series of down jackets is officially launched. This series of down jackets pays tribute to classic IP with iconic Pac-Man elements and customized details.
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