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Shipping From China to Latin America

Which shipping method is cheaper for shipping things from China to Latin America?

Which is faster? Today I will introduce three ways of shipping from China to Latin America to you.

You can choose the most suitable one according to your actual needs.




1. A DDP Channel in Brazil

Correios is Brazil’s state-owned company that has operated Brazil’s national postal service since the 17th century.

It is Brazil’s largest employer, with more than 109,000 own and outsourced employees, and is the only company with operations in all cities in the country, with an extensive network of owned and franchised units.



1. Fast Timeliness: Its average delivery time is 10-25 days, which is generally faster than that of similar services.

2. Package Tracking: It provides end-to-end tracking and query services.

3. Safe and Stable: Customers can enjoy superior service when they go for general goods and internal electricity, and the delivery rate is over 90%.

4. Strong Customs Clearance Capability: It has green customs clearance, and can complete customs clearance within one day at the earliest.

Customer Example:

Here is an example of customer A.

He used the Correios Brazil DDP.

Below are the details.


As can be seen from the above figure, the delivery time of Correios Brazil DDP is relatively high, since customer A only takes 17 days to receive the goods.

In addition, its price is also relatively cheap compared to other shipping channels from China to Latin America.

At last, this is the Correios DDP channel, which reduces the trouble of shipping clearance for you.


2. An Economical Option for Shipping

UPS Worldwide Express Expedited provides reliable shipping for non-urgent international shipments, and its export destinations and import sources cover more than 220 countries and regions.



1. This is the most economical choice for goods that do not require much time.

2. Determining the shipping time for the date allows you to plan the delivery schedule.

3. It has convenient door-to-door service and internal customs clearance.

Customer Example:

Here is an example of customer B.

He used the UPS Worldwide Expedited.

Below are the details.


As can be seen from the above pictures, the UPS Worldwide Expedited selected by Customer B has relatively high timeliness, and it only takes 13 days to receive the goods.


3. A YOYBUY Global Line(AIR)

Yoybuy Global Line is a logistics dedicated line opened by Yoybuy in cooperation with many top domestic shipping companies. The price is favorable, and there are many categories of goods to be shipped. One example of a top shipping company is YunExpress.



1. The price advantage is obvious: The price is cheap.

2. A wide range of goods are accepted: It includes general goods and goods with batteries.

Customer example:

Here is an example of customer C.

He used YunExpress.

Below are the details.


It can be seen from the above figure that the YunExpress selected by Customer C covers many categories of shipping goods, including products with internal electricity.

If your goods are products with internal electricity, you can choose YunExpress.

If you want to inquire about the shipping cost and product category of other weight items, you can click on the Yoybuy calculator below to calculate.

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Yoybuy cross-border e-commerce provides you with the most comprehensive services, including both buying services and forwarding services, and has in-depth cooperation with many logistics companies such as Correios, UPS Worldwide Expedited and YunExpress. We strive for the lowest price for you. If you have forwarding needs, please contact Yoybuy freight forwarder.

And if you have any other questions about shipping from China to Latin America, you can also contact us.