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PEAK, founded in 1989 and headquartered in Quanzhou City, Fujian Province, China, is mainly engaged in the design, development, manufacture, distribution and promotion of PEAK brand sports products (including sports shoes, apparel and accessories), with nearly thirty years of professional R&D, manufacturing and sales experience.
PEAK has more than 5,000 retail outlets in China and more than 100 distributors and 1,000 distribution networks overseas, establishing an international brand operation system that combines production and sales, with business in more than 100 countries and regions in five continents: Europe, America, Asia, Africa and Australia.

PEAK Related Products Chart
PEAK Related Products Chart

History of PEAK
In 1989, the first pair of PEAK sports shoes was launched.
In 1991, Xu Jingnan, the chairman of PEAK, changed the brand name from “Fengdeng” to “PEAK” with a more international perspective.
In 1993, PEAK began to register its trademark worldwide and has completed registration in 185 countries.
In 1995, PEAK took the lead in the industry and passed the ISO9001 quality management system certification, in line with the international standard, and insisted on the road of “quality first” for quality creation.
In 2013, PEAK won the “Best International Reputation” award at the 2013 Brand China Awards.
In 2014, PEAK was awarded the “Most Influential Brand” in the 2013-2014 China Footwear Industry Brand Event.
In 2014, PEAK was awarded the title of “Most Influential Chinese Brand in the World” by Xinhua.
In 2015, PEAK was awarded “China’s Most Influential Chinese Brand” in the 9th China Brand Festival.
In 2015, PEAK won the title of “Sports Shoes Brand of the Year” in the 2015 China Footwear Brand Event.
In 2016, PEAK was listed on the 2016 China Top 500 Brand Value List (350th place).
In December 2018, PEAK Sports held its annual technology conference in Beijing, releasing a new PEAK independent innovative technology – intelligent adaptive shoe midsole technology PEAK “TAICHI”.
In 2019, PEAK was listed on the 2019 China domestic clothing brand list.

In 2021, PEAK was listed in the “Top 15 Domestic Sports Shoes Brands in 2021” released by iiMedia Ranking.

1.PEAK Taichi Technology
PEAK Taichi Technology is equipped with intelligent materials that can sense and respond to environmental stress. According to different sports conditions, adaptive cushioning and rebound functions are realized to enhance sports performance. The softness and elasticity of the material moves as you want.
2. PEAK 3D Printing Technology
PEAK 3D Printing Technology can be divided into two different 3D printing technologies. The upper uses FDM 3D printing technology and parametric design to achieve personalized combinations of uppers, tongues and buckles with different materials, hardness and colors. The TPU fiber is woven layer by layer and then cured, and it is lighter and effectively controls perspiration. The sole uses SLS 3D printing technology and uses the water cube lattice structure with the ultimate lightweight support concept to minimize energy consumption during exercise. The combination of the above two innovations will only take 10 days from commodity planning and design to product production, which will create a new consumption experience for sports shoes.


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