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How to use Taobao integration?

Taobao Consolidation is a logistics and distribution service provided by Taobao.com. The service is specialized for the buyers from overseas. The logistics service is divided into two links:

The first link: from the domestic seller’s location to the mainland transit warehouse.

The second link: from the mainland of China transit warehouse to the buyer.

So here is the question: How to use Taobao consolidation?

YOYBUY will explain the steps in detail for you to help you easily complete the consolidation.

The first step: select the baby and click [Buy Now] or [Add to Cart] to place an order. It is recommended that you use the Add to Cart when placing multiple orders, and then combine payment!


Step 2: Select [Buy Now] to enter the page for selecting the delivery address. Please fill in the delivery address and select the “Official Logistics-Consolidation” service in the “Logistics Method”. Under “Official Logistics-Consolidation”, Click [Modify] to select the required logistics provider, and then click “Agree and confirm” after selection;


Step 3: After confirming the consolidator, the products you selected will be displayed at the bottom of the page, showing the total amount you need to pay. Check your product information, amount and other information, and click [Submit Order] to enter the payment page to complete the payment. After the payment is successful, the system will automatically provide the address of the intermediate warehouse to the seller for delivery;

Step 4: After the parcel is checked into the warehouse by the transit warehouse, you can merge the container. Click “XX Consolidation” on the homepage, and then click “Consolidation” to check the delivery status of the products. After the products enter the transshipment warehouse, a check box will be displayed. Select the products to be merged and click “One-click contract settlement”



Step 5: After merging the orders, choose the pickup method that suits you. After clicking “Next”, the system will split the package according to the shipping restrictions and automatically calculate the transfer cost. The freight will be shipped from the mainland warehouse to the area. After confirming, click “Submit and Pay”



Reminder: You may be required to fill in the recipient’s ID number information. The identity information is only used for customs clearance. We strictly guarantee the privacy of your information!

Step 6: Complete the payment of the logistics cost in the second step. After the transfer fee is successfully paid, the forwarder will ship to your final delivery address as soon as possible. You can rest assured to wait for the delivery;

Step 7: If you need to check the logistics details of the order, you can click “Logistics Order”, find the order you want to query, and then click “View Logistics” to query.

When using Taobao consolidation, buyers need to pay the corresponding logistics freight costs in different links: In one link, the buyer needs to pay the cost of the mainland segment, including the cost of goods and logistics costs in the mainland segment. In the second step, the buyer needs to pay the logistics cost from the consolidation warehouse to the final receiving place. This logistics cost is charged according to the weight or volume of the package.

Hope this instruction will help you to understand how to use Taobao Consolidation.