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Gome.com.cn is an online platform/store managed by GOME Online E-Commerce Co., Ltd. The online platform was launched in 2012.

GOME Online E-Commerce Co., Ltd.’s responsibilities include managing and operating a network of electrical appliances and online sale of products in China. The website is a comprehensive platform with significant products categories, including Furniture and Appliances, Food and Personal Care, and Electronic and Media.

The GOME e-commerce platform provides a wide range of products in China.

The company offers customers a chance to access and purchase products of their choice and pay using their credit and debit cards, banking system or pay cash on delivery. In 2020, China Chain Store Association and Deloitte ranked Gome.com.cn in the top ten in its 100 lists of top online sales in China.

Gome shopping site
As of 2020, the company had more than 76 million users. The company employs about 29 734 people across all its locations, generating sales of $6.70 billion. In May 2020, GOME and CCTV News came together and launched the “fight for a better life” campaign in a live broadcast campaign. The campaign attracted over 23.58 million people to watch, with the sale volume picking at 526.6 million in just three hours, setting a new high record sale in a single live broadcast. In July 2020, GOME and CCTV News continued their corporation by jointly holding a retail broadcast tour in 31 provinces in China. The tour was intended to stimulate domestic demand, upgrade users’ shopping experiences, and provide quality service and consumption capacity. In the category of Electronic and Media in China, Gome.com.cn was ranked at number 41 with more than $1 million in 2020. In 2020, GOME completed the second phase of the “Home * Living” strategy. The company accelerated the development of its new retail ecosystem powered by intelligence, innovation, and technology. Additionally, in 2020, the company also established its “Social + Business + Sharing” GOME ecosystem focused on online platforms. The company has successfully built a solid and unique retailing ecosystem by adopting interactive and entertaining content and enjoyable marketing strategies through social features. In 2020, the company realized a global net sale of $44.7 million from Gome.com.cn. In 2020, GOME established the “friend zone” for joint and shared development with SZ Investment Holdings, JD.com, and SZ Eternal regarding the supply and industrial chain and capital to realize synergy. In April 2020, Pinduoduo announced a partnership with GOME retailer. In a statement, Pinduoduo’s Vice President David Liu conceded that the collaboration with GOME is a win-win situation for all parties. To capture the opportunity presented by the “Stay at Home Economy” due to the Covid-19 outbreak, the company adopted social marketing and expanded its digital retailing business on its online platforms. Additionally, GOME also conducts customer research to understand consumer behaviors. Customer research helps the company select premium products from various categories, thus setting the highest industry standards with impressive optimal user experience. In 2021, GOME promised to facilitate strategic development upgrades in developing a unique platform to enable targeted support for a better customer experience.


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