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Come and see if you like anime

You want to buy the handicraft, Yoybuy help you buy

I believe that for people who like anime, hand-me-down models are a must-buy product for everyone, right? But when we spend a lot of money to buy the hand-me-downs, we will find it very difficult to preserve, after not much time there is aging and wear and tear, then we should how to better preserve the hand-me-downs? A few small tricks to share with you.

【 Amy 】 Bolomo Neil Mechanical Era 2B cute girl can month Exchange GK statue Garage Kit Model

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Anti-high temperature: handicrafts are prone to aging when exposed to heat, causing it to have a reduced lifespan, so they should be kept away from heat sources.

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Oil prevention: the skin on your hands will secrete oil and grease, which will have a great impact on hand-me-downs with poor chemical resistance and will make them discolored or deteriorate.

Sauron Garage Kit One Piece Three thousand worlds schoolboy gift comic quadratic element Ornaments Model Monkey D Luffy A reward

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Protect against dust: A dirty one is certainly not pleasing to the eye, and frequent dust wiping can also lead to damage to the finish of the gadget

【 primary god official / Balance 】 timely rain · Follow Follow Keep month Ver.1 / 7 Garage Kit Genshin

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Reduce wear and tear: When storing your hand-me-downs, you also want to reduce wear and tear and avoid strength impacts as much as possible. Therefore, the ideal place to store your hand-me-downs is in a hand-me-down cabinet.

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