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The Republic of Cape Verde, commonly known as Cape Verde, is an Atlantic island nation located on the west coast of Africa. It spans 10 volcanic islands in the mid-Atlantic Ocean, 570 kilometers from the West African coastline. Before independence, it was a Portuguese colony, and the name “Cape Verde” means “Green Cape” in Portuguese. The population is about 540,000 (2018), with nearly a quarter of the population living in the capital, Praia.
Cape Verdean landscape
Cape Verdean landscape
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To which cities in Russia can I send mail via Business Line?

Вот все доступные города, порядок списка городов упорядочен по алфавиту: А Абакан Адлер Алдан Алейск Алтайское Альметьевск Ангарск Анжеро-Судженск Апатиты Арзамас Арсеньев Артем Архангельск Астрахань

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Practical smart home recommendations

For the past two or three months, a friend of mine has often recommended some smart home products to me. He bought almost a complete set of smart home devices, and there are some smart devices that I like.
I also bought a few of the higher-quality items. Let me recommend to you the following items:

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