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361° Group is a comprehensive sporting goods company, integrating branding, research and development, design, production and distribution. Its products include sports shoes, clothing, fashion, and other categories.

Founded in 2003, 361° Group has become one of the leading sports brand companies in China under the guidance of the spirit of being a model of global respectable brands.

By 2013, 361° Group has more than 7,800 sales outlets in mainland China, with annual sales exceeding 5 billion (RMB). To provide high-quality products for more countries, the group has radiated to many countries and regions such as the Middle East and Europe.

361°'s offline stores
361°'s offline stores

History of 361°

In 2003, 361° Sporting Goods Co., Ltd. was established and started the pace of brand expansion and extension with a high starting point and a global vision.

In 2005, 361° was selected as the top 100 list of China’s potential by the Chinese version of the world’s “Forbes”, and the development potential of 361° was highly concerned.

In 2006, 361° defeated international brands in the CCTV prime-time bidding and became the “CCTV 2007-2008 sports event live broadcast partner”, breaking the monopoly of top resources by international giants and crossing another critical point in the development of national sports brands.

In 2007, 361° achieved a breakthrough in its strategic cooperation with Tencent.com, the first of China’s five major portals. The Tencent platform covers 90% of China’s Internet users.

In 2007, 361° entered into a TOP partnership with the Chinese national badminton team, providing professional field equipment for Chinese badminton players, such as world-famous players Li Yongbo, Lin Dan, and Zhang Ning.

On September 15, 2009, the 361° children’s clothing business center was launched, and the children’s clothing brand started, taking the first step of multi-brand strategic management.

In 2010, 361° became the chief partner of Shanghai World Expo volunteers and continued to fulfill the responsibilities of a national brand.

In January 2019, the 361° “Warm No. 1” cotton garment won the 2019 ISPO Global Design Gold Award in Munich, Germany.


1.Favorable price

361° clothing and shoes have great prices and are well designed. And they are especially very popular among young people.

2.Good quality

361° clothes and shoes are very durable, so it is a very good choice to buy these good quality products at such a favorable price. If you know how to place an order on Taobao, you can place an order yourself. If you don’t know how to place an order on Taobao, you can entrust it to Yoybuy freight forwarder. Yoybuy can help you place the order and deliver it to your home.


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